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Sam Ratulangi Ghost Ship without crew ship’s appeared on the Myanmar Sea



#Viral – Myanmar, A mysterious container ship made in Indonesia and sailing in the ocean without any crew in it, was found aground off the coast of the city of Thongwa, Yangon, Myanmar.

The ship named “Sam Ratulangi PB 1600” was first discovered still sailing about seven miles from Thama Seitta village on Thursday (8/30) this week.

Initial reports from villagers said they first saw the ship sailing in the ocean on Tuesday night (8/28).

Suspicious, the villagers reported to the authorities. After receiving the report, the coast guard, navy and police team took turns monitoring the ship.

However, the joint team admitted that it could not detect people on the ship.

Yangon regional lawmaker U Ne Win said police, navy and military personnel had finally boarded the ship early Thursday.

“There are no crew or cargo found on the ship. “It’s quite confusing how large ships appear in our waters,” said U Ne Win as reported by the Myanmar Times on Saturday (1/9/2018).

U Aung Kyaw Linn, Secretary General of the Independent Federation of Myanmar Seafarers, said the unmanned ship and the cargo were in good condition.

“In my opinion, the ship has just been abandoned. There must be a reason why all the ship’s crew and skipper just leave the ship sailing without direction, “he explained.

According to the Maritime Telegraph, the ship was built in 2001 as a container ship and was sailing under the Indonesian flag.

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